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Editing ServicesWhether you target academia, the business community, or the general public, my objective is clear: transform your articles, business documents, grants, marketing products, sales material, and web content into well-written, cogent, effective, and results-oriented copy.

In other words, prose that does not compromise your voice or purpose.

Each page is thoroughly analyzed, read, and edited with great care and detail. My goal is to help you produce impactful material that, ultimately, increases your bottom line.

With over 25 years of editing and writing experience, I am familiar with most business  projects including, but not limited to: ad copy, blog posts, brochures, executive communications, flyers, forms, legal documents, manuals, marketing products, newsletters, policies, press releases, proposals, reports, and web content.

My basic services include: Proofreading, Light Editing, Copy Editing, Substantive Editing, and Review & Critique.


Proofreading is the final review of a finished project. It’s that essential final set of objective eyes that make sure nothing was overlooked. I check for comprehension, capitalization, typos, misspellings, incorrect punctuation, and any other glaring errors.

Every professional project should receive this “seal of approval” prior to hitting the marketplace.

 Light Editing:

Light editing includes proofreading, but also reviews: syntax and grammar, word usage, parallelism, consistency of voice, and overall structure, flow, and intent of the material.

Copy Editing:

Copy editing (also called “moderate editing”) includes all of the above, plus: changing and/or notating offensive or inappropriate language, unwieldy sentence structure, wordy paragraphs, faulty organization and logic, ambiguity, and clichés.

Substantive Editing:

Substantive editing includes proofreading, light editing, and copy editing. In addition, I will scrutinize the project for areas where deeper revisions are required. Among other things, I may suggest structural changes, propose additions or deletions, or make suggestions on how to rework the layout, design, format, or anything else that enhances your material.

This type of heavy editing often requires a major rewrite. If that is the case, I will need your authorization to make improvements on the level of vocabulary, organization, and expression.

 Review & Critique:

Every project will automatically be reviewed from a marketing perspective. This service is included with all editing levels.

Most writers understand how difficult it is to be objective about one’s own writing. I will review and critique your material as an editor, writer, and business owner. This provides you with insight into your material from the viewpoint of your clients, customers, associates, colleagues, and/or members.

My review and critique also includes suggestions on how to improve the project by:

  • Clarifying and tightening the message
  • Changing the look and tone
  • Reorganizing the layout
  • Eliminating unintended messages and meanings, ambiguities, and illogical sequences

Other Services:

As an experienced literary editor and writer, I have ghostwritten (and edited) numerous fiction and non-fiction books, articles, memoirs, and screenplays.

If you have any “specialty” copywriting assignments or unusual editing requirements, please CONTACT ME immediately with the details. I will help you to actualize your dream project.

What now?

To accurately determine the level of editing your project requires, I offer a free, no-obligation sample edit. This allows you to evaluate my work. When I return the sample to you, I will include a project fee and estimated turnaround time.

To access the form for your complimentary edit, PLEASE CLICK ON THE RED BUTTON.


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