The Dreaded “P” Word: Let’s Get It Over With…

I admit it! I’m not the cheapest kid on the block.Gold Coins

Usually, cheaper” is not better. I’m sure you’ve told your own clients the same thing. Can you put a price tag on quality, timely delivery, reputation, or ethical behavior?

If you simply want “cheap,” then by all means use one of the numerous online content and editing mills. I can’t compete with any of the “we-do-it-all-for-one-price” websites.

The good news? I’m not the most expensive either (see Special Pricing below).

This doesn’t have to be painful. I’m extremely user-friendly when it comes to finding the just-right price for your particular project.

Nothing is set in concrete. I understand a thing or two (or thirty) about budgets.

You CAN afford me! If pricing is an issue, let’s work together to resolve it. Since each project is completely unique, I cannot provide you with an exact quote until I’ve reviewed a page or two of your material.

My basic rates are industry standard, but should only be used as a general guideline. Rates vary considerably depending on the nature of the work, the time frame, and the degree of special expertise required.

Since you deserve a ballpark range, I usually charge between $25 and $200 an hour. This covers everything from proofreading to a complete rewrite. However, let me emphasize this very important point: MY RATES ARE NOT SET IN CONCRETE.

After reviewing  a sample of your document, I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate. Please click the BLUE BUTTON below and tell me all about your editing requirements. I promise to work out the best possible price for you.


How Much Do Mistakes Cost You?

If you have a start-up company and find yourself struggling to pay your monthly expenses, you are NOT alone.

In this “new” economy, we’ve witnessed the bailouts of banks, car manufacturers, airlines, and other assorted and sundry companies.

Of course, there aren’t any bailouts for the “average ” Joe or Jane Business Person.

When failure is NOT an option (and your goals and expectations are realistic), then you already understand the importance of getting the word out about your amazing company.

You cannot afford to make these common mistakes:

  • Ignore customers’ needs and requests.
  • Manufacture products without quality control.
  • Promise one thing, deliver another.
  • Disrespect your employees.
  • Do everything yourself.
  • Have a successful business without a budget.

Are these costly mistakes? Oh, you bet they are. If you want your company to remain relevant and profitable, then you have to budget accordingly.

Every piece of written content (hard copy or online) that represents your company screams out one of two messages:

1.  “I care what you think about me and my company.”
2. “I don’t give a rat’s patootie what you think.”

Why Should You Hire A Freelance Editor?

Perhaps the more relevant question to ask is this:  “How can a freelance editor save you time and money and, therefore, increase your bottom line?”

Hiring a full-time, in-house writer / editor is far more expensive than hiring a contractor on an as-needed basis. Employees demand large salaries, medical and retirement packages, vacation and sick pay, and golden parachutes.

I, on the other hand, offer you a flat rate, a definitive turnaround time, and a background that is unparalleled in this profession.

Special Pricing:

I offer a deep discount of up to 25% for the following entities: nonprofits, not-for-profits, foundations, charities, churches, educational, and mental health organizations.

Please contact me directly if you have a unique situation. As Frasier Crane would say, “I’m listening…”

The Payment Process:

  • New Clients: A signed Service Agreement and payment in full prior to your project’s start date.
  • Established Clients: A signed Service Agreement and a 50% deposit prior to your project’s start date.
  • Corporate Accounts: Ask me about setting up a Retainer Agreement.
  • Payments may be made through Paypal using Mastercard and Visa.


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