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Writing Portfolio

Most of my work as a professional business editor is proprietary and confidential in nature. Therefore, I’ve created a representational portfolio for you.

These samples clearly show the range, scope, and creativity of my work. If you need additional examples, please contact me directly and I will send them to you.

To better evaluate my editing expertise, I invite you to take advantage of my one-page complimentary edit by clicking on the GREEN BUTTON below.


Why Writing Samples?

Why would an editor show you her writing samples?

  • Would you buy a car from someone who doesn’t know how to drive?
  • Would you go to a marriage counselor who has been divorced twelve times?
  • Would you take financial advice from someone in prison for embezzlement?
  • Would you retain an unlicensed attorney?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then the answer to my first question is obvious. If someone does not write well, how will he recognize the problems within your copy or know how to improve it?

Then, there’s that near-sighted brain surgeon…

Of course, there is always the exception to the rule. Someone can learn the mechanics of editing and insert a comma here and there, close an open-ended quotation mark, and figure out whether you need a dash, semi-colon, or ellipses in any given sentence.

But if that person is unable to write copy that conveys your message in a clear, direct (and sometimes entertaining) manner, then how could she possibly be the write editor for you?

Do you really want to take a chance with an amateur? Someone who might cost you potential clients?

When you choose someone to edit, rewrite, or ghostwrite your material, please make sure that person is also an accomplished writer or published author.

I boldly, I mean, humbly, tell you that you need look no further. Allow me to prove myself to you.


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