Hire Me!

Welcome to my sales page!

This is where I sell myself to you. Editor for Hire

What? That didn’t sound right. Let me rephrase that sentence.

“This is where I sell my unique editing skills to you.”

Better! What a difference a few words can make. All the difference in the world as to clarity and connotation.

Words do matter! The order of the words, the choice of words, the double-meaning of words, and certainly, the context in which the words are used.

Editing for impact and persuasion is far more than knowing the difference between that and which or recognizing an appositive phrase or the all-important, wait for it… diagramming-a-sentence-skill (does anyone even do that anymore?).

Real-world experience…

My 25+ years of business experience, which includes marketing, sales, and public relations, uniquely qualifies me to review your work from both a business AND a consumer perspective. You not only benefit from my editing and writing skills, but also from my comprehensive knowledge of the business community.

All collateral material created for your target market should be reviewed by eyes NOT belonging to the copywriter or author.

All successful writers use editors. No one can adequately, or objectively, edit his own work.


My eyes are different!Editing eyes

The first thing I do, with my “business hat” firmly in place, is determine if the material delivers the intended message. Will the “reader” (your customer or client) understand your message and act accordingly?

The end-result of your marketing material is to inspire and motivate your client to do a “something.” Buy your product or service, join your association, attend your trade show, purchase shares of your stock, or any other number of actions.

Wearing my “editor’s hat,” I perform anything from a basic, light edit, to an in-depth, substantive edit. You and I then determine the level of editing required for your project.

Finally, I put on my “writer’s hat” and read the piece one last time. Does the material flow well? Is this a serious read, or is there room for levity? Am I excited to read through to the last page, or have I fallen asleep?

Have I sold you?

Oops! That’s just plain wrong! One more time…

“Have I sold you on the idea of hiring me as your editor?”

I do hope you’ll give me a chance to prove myself. PLEASE CLICK ON THE PURPLE BUTTON and let’s get this project off the ground!


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