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If you enjoy my website, you’ll love what I can do for you!

Every project is completely unique and will receive my undivided attention. My professional editing services run somewhere between $25 and $200 an hour (from proofreading to complete rewrite).

You don’t need to count pages or words since I price by the project. This is just a handy reference point to make sure we’re in the same budgetary ballpark. If we are, please fill out the quick form below to receive your complimentary edit and customized quote. Or, call me at: (503) 327-9629.

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***A word about privacy and spam:

I have zero tolerance for spam. I won’t even eat it on bread!

Please rest assured that my goal is to become the write editor for you, not the evil person who adds you to some mindless, intrusive list.

I guarantee your information will remain private. If, for some bizarre reason, you do not become a client, your contact information will be deleted.

In other words, you can always CONTACT ME with complete confidence.

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