Devilish details“The Devil is in the Details!”

Although most of these details are covered elsewhere on the site, here’s a quick snapshot of the most relevant issues.


As one would expect, the more lead-time, the better – for all parties involved. A two-week lead time is generally ideal. Sometimes, this is just not possible. If you’re in a time-crunch, and your deadline was yesterday, then CONTACT ME as soon as possible and I will work closely with you to expedite your project.

Projects requiring an “instant” turnaround will incur a “rush” fee.

Let’s talk!


Since each project varies in scope and complexity, I can’t tell you the exact cost of your project until I’ve seen a few pages of your copy. When you take advantage of my complimentary sample edit, you will also receive a free quote and estimated turnaround time.

Since many of my friendly competitors work to a formula, I’ve developed a special one just for you:

X number of pages divided by Y number of words multiplied by the ages of four of your children equal one editor with a big headache…

Or, you can CLICK ON THE PINK BUTTON for your free quote!



For first-time clients, full payment is due once the Service Agreement is signed. After we’ve worked on a few projects together, I only require a 50% deposit, with the balance due prior to delivery of the completed project.

I accept payment through PayPal. This is one of the most expedient and safest methods of online payment. You can make a payment here or on the PAYMENT PAGE.


The Process:

  • We discuss (via email or telephone) your project until we come to an agreement.
  • I email  you a detailed account of the scope of the work, delivery date, and price.
  • You review the information, then sign and email (or snail mail) the Service Agreement.
  • I go to work for you.

All rights to the finished project are entirely and forever yours. I will never share as much as a semi-colon of your work with anyone.

Delivery of Documents:

Business projects may be edited online or via snail mail. I will edit your material, then send the revised copy back to you for final approval. If you wish, I will also include the marked-up copy.

Most writers and book authors prefer the exchange of Microsoft Word documents by email. If you want your business documents edited by this same method, just let me know.

Upon request, I will use the Track Changes mode of Word. This enables you to see – on the screen or printed page – exactly how I have modified your work. Track Changes also leaves you free to reject any edits you don’t want. You may also simply view or print the clean final version that shows no trace of the editorial process.

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